Green Council: Combined Properties has initiated a Green Council made up of members of different disciplines throughout the company to research, explore and implement sustainable initiatives throughout its existing portfolio and future developments.

Lincoln & Rose Shopping Center - Venice, CA: Sustainable components include a bio-swale/ filtration system designed to LEED® requirements to treat storm water run-off, a LEED Certified interior for Whole Foods, native plantings, reduced site lighting, additional shading to reduce the heat-island effect, and a landscape plan to increase the total permeable area from 2.8% to 8%.

Sunset Time - West Hollywood, CA: The development project has been designed to exceed the strict requirements set forth in West Hollywood’s progressive Green Building Ordinance. The use of natural lighting, natural ventilation, efficient mechanical systems, renewable building materials and green construction techniques ensure that the project will be a model for sustainable mixed use developments.

Portfolio - Roofs: Combined Properties endeavors to utilize 'White Roofs' when any replacement is occurring. These surfaces help reduce temperatures in urban “heat islands” and the need for air-conditioning, which in turn reduces the demand for electricity.

Portfolio - Grease Recycling: Combined Properties encourages its tenants to aggregate and recycle waste vegetable oil. In partnership with Greenlight Biofuels on the East Coast, we are able to provide a free oil collection service for restaurants and food service providers that recycles oil for production of biodiesel fuel.

Portfolio - Landscaping: Combined Properties is implementing “green friendly” landscaping improvements across the portfolio. We are phasing in the planting of more sustainable, drought resistant and native plant materials. These include decorative grasses, updated types of shrubbery and flowering perennials, which will help discourage soil erosion, reduce watering requirements, and develop a more cohesive and natural look at the properties.

Portfolio - Permeable Concrete: Combined Properties strategically evaluates the use of permeable concrete in major parking lot replacements. As part of the redevelopment of Foothill Ranch Towne Centre (Lake Forest, CA), permeable concrete was used in paving the parking lot. This material allows for the free passage of water through the pavement into the soil and is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a storm water pollution prevention (SWPP) Best Management Practice device.

LEED® Professional Credentials™: Combined Properties encourages its employees to obtain the education and training needed to champion and implement sustainable practices throughout the company’s portfolio and offices. In this effort, members of the property management and legal groups have become, or are in the process of becoming, accredited by the Green Building Certification Institute.

Corporate Offices: Combined Properties continues to reduce its environmental footprint in its offices while increasing productivity and efficiency and, as such, has taken the following actions:

   • Replaced foam and plastic cups, plates, and utensils in its      lunch rooms with biodegradable/compostable and      recyclable products.
   • Eliminated traditional fax machines and moved to electronic      faxing.
   • Moved HR correspondence from snail mail letterhead to      email notifications.
   • Improved general recycling efforts to discourage      miscellaneous paper waste at workstations and in copy      rooms and encourage the reuse and recycling of paper.
   • Commenced the migration to electronic files and      records, thereby, reducing paper files and the need for office      space.

Combined Properties Follow Combined Properties:

Combined Properties is committed to reducing our impacts on the environment and supporting sustainable practices to better serve our tenants, community and future generations.

As part of this commitment, Combined Properties has undertaken the following:

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