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Communities Custom Tailored to Lifestyles

At Combined Properties, we do not just build mixed-used communities. We create living environments that are ideally suited to the people who choose to call them home. Our apartment homes, flats, and townhouses are not just cookie-cutter boxy buildings. They are integral parts of appealing living spaces that reflect their residents’ desires for appealing open areas, carefully landscaped green spaces, and uniquely designed single-family and multi-unit dwellings, all of which are thoughtfully combined with retail and service operations that give them the kind of convenience they need to enjoy their lives close to home.

Our company has a long history of retail expertise. So we know instinctively just what kinds of stores, service businesses, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues work best in which areas. We seek out exceptional architects who are deeply committed to outstanding design and understand the needs of both our retail and residential customers.


And we utilize their special talents to help us create communities that stand out from the crowd because they are more attractive, more unique, more practical, more ideally suited to their geographical settings, and most important of all, more strategically planned and executed to fulfill the needs of their residents, visitors, and those who live and work in them each and every day.


Kings Road - West Hollywood, CA

Penn Daw Plaza - Alexandria, VA

Sunset Time - West Hollywood, CA