Katherine D. Bonnafé


Katherine Bonnafé is responsible for directing all of Combined’s strategic, operational and financial activities.  She joined the company in 1990.   Prior to becoming CEO, she held numerous other positions including: Financial Analyst, Director of Acquisitions, Senior Vice President – Capital Markets, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, and President.  She has been credited with numerous notable achievements including establishing a growth unit in mid-2002 in Los Angeles, CA resulting in the acquisition of 15 new development and institutional grade assets totaling in excess of $350 million in value, and commencing a mixed-use development initiative on both coasts.  Her recapitalization and restructuring of the company resulted in the highest occupancy level, profitability and value in the history of the company.

Katherine Bonnafé received a B.A. in Marketing and Management from James Madison University and an M.B.A. in Finance and Investments from The George Washington University.